Will Smith 50th Birthday Unboxing Video + Win "Friends & Family" Air Jordan 5s Satin Gold

Hip-Hop's funniest and friendliest star, Will Smith, is back at it with a parody unboxing video for his new Air Jordan 5 "Fresh Prince" sneakers. The shoe which is based on the AJ5 "Grapes" colorway, will drop on Will Smith's 50th birthday on September 25th. The shoe features a number of unique features such as the laceless top (without the lace holes), special West Philadelphia signature, and  "Air Jordan" written with Fresh Prince graffiti font on the inside soles. 

Air Jordan 5 Will Smith Jump ReadyIn part two of Will's dual-unboxing video, he debuts the Satin Gold Air Jordan 5s "friends and family" version which will be given away to 23 lucky contestants. You might also want to check Will Smith's new Instagram account @philasneakerguy68 for updates. But don't steal his pictures unless you mind having his username emblazoned all over your posts ;) 

Will Smith Air Jordan 5 Friends and Family God Satin If you want an epic memory for life, as well as a chance to win the "friends & family" version Air Jordan 5s, you might want to enter Will's contest. You will also be supporting a great charity organized by Omaze and WJSFF - Will & Jada Smith Family Foundation.

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