Special Edition: Interviews With Mark (USA) & Michael (Germany) From TMC Design

How are you doing today homies? Today's blog post is something new and as far I know something unique. Our rap tee designers, TMC aka Talent Makes Cash, are going to share their inspirations and the stories behind our best selling t-shirts. They have been cool enough to share their process and how they create the iconic designs they are known for.

(Above) Pug Life is one of Mark's favorite designs. 

From their bedrooms and offices across the globe to right here. Let's start with Mark from San Diego. Mark is a 41-year-old Hip-Hop head, media analyst and part-time designer. We asked him about his favorite designs. What is your favorite t-shirt design so far, Mark? "My favorite t-shirts are the comedic, humorous ones that I've done. They haven't always sold the best because I think it's a kinda niche market, humor is. It's more subjective than a more straight-up design. But they do sell and I like being able to offer something different and unique. And if it makes you laugh or feel good then that's just a plus for me".That's an interesting perspective, Mark. So tell us a little bit about the process of how you designed your most favorite shirts? "I think my favorite designs are the campy ones like the new Pug Life one, and one of my first designs, Thug Life...Don't Be A Menace. I think they just make you feel good when you wear them. Quite frankly they are pretty silly and require a certain type of audience which I guess share the same kind of humor". We know exactly what you mean, in our experience we either get a "wow that is a dope ass shirt, or we get that sh*t is crazy holmes hahaha. "Exactly! Same here" Mark says. Keep up the good work, Mark, and we look forward to more funny stuff from you.

Gangstaz Don't Dance (above) is not only Michael's favorite but a LOT of people's favorite!

Next, we're going to talk to Michael from Hamburg, Germany. He's a 35-year-old hip-hop head and entrepreneur. Great to see you today Michael, what makes a classic streetwear slash rap tee? "It's definitely the visuals. The colors and the layout. The actual message or wordings are secondary." That's interesting. So how do you make the design for a dope t-shirt? "I might search the web for something striking. Like, go on Pinterest or Google. Like in the past years, remakes have been a big thing. Like a famous retro logo, reimagined with a new message. That's been big". That's cool, we love the remakes. But tell us, what is your personal favorite TMC t-shirt so far? "This one is not a remake, but I love Gangstaz Don't Dance...We Boogie. It's so visually appealing. It's only got two or three simple colors but it really stands out. And I think it's recognizable without breaking any copyright. We know you guys are strict about that hahaha". Yes, indeed we are hahaha. But yeah, we love how you incorporated Snoop Dogg's dance moves from Drop It Like It's Hot into the design. It really does look great. Thank you, Michael and we look forward to lots more dope stuff from you very soon... "Thank you guys, it's a real pleasure to work for you guys!". 

We hope you (the readers) enjoyed our chat with two of our dope designers. Next week we will be talking to another pair of really talented designers from the TMC collective. So stay tuned for more coming soon...

And as usual, Keep It Retro! PEACE!!




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