Newsletter: The Positivity of Boogie Down Productions meets Nipsey Hussle

Composite photos of KRS-One & Nipsey Hussle from Wikipedia (CC) 

In the tradition of KRS-One and Boogie Down Production (R.I.P. Scott La Rock), we at RHHS are trying to spread a positive (anti-violence) message through our designs. Our talented artists at Talent Makes Cash are explicitly told to spread good vibes and positivity in the work they submit to us. We hope YOU are pleased and take inspiration from the designs we offer. It’s all bout you (the customer) and how we can improve your day (and look) by providing garments to wear with a sense of enthusiasm and joy.

We are fully aware that many old school fans, especially the younger generation, associate the colors red and blue with the Crips and Bloods. As these gangs have spread across the United States, from their origin in Los Angeles to the deep south and in particular New York City, the connection to “colors” is stronger than ever before. We have decided to carry all different colors even when the design placed on it may conjure up “gang associations” because we would rather be color blind in this regard. We also hold this view in regard to race. We believe we are the human race.

This picture of Mondrian dresses by Yves Saint Laurent (1966) shows colorblocking in fashion (CC photo)

However, this presents a unique opportunity in regard to color-blocking or patchwork designs. We have chosen to name several of our models either Color Blind or Across All Colors. One particular jacket we decided to name United Hoods after the extremely tragic death Nipsey Hussle in march of this year. These garments offer multiple colors that include the traditional “gang colors” such as red and blue. But these designs include both to create harmony between these sometimes lethal enemies.

This jacket titled "United Hoods" was directly inspired by the late great Nipsey Hussle (R.I.P.)

We plan to continue offering positive affirmations with an authentic Hip-Hop message to all our customers worldwide which now includes Scandinavia, the UK, all over Europe, North America and even our homies down in Australia. As we speak our designers are working hard on new incredible designs that are dropping weekly. In addition to permanently dropping our prices, we are super psyched for the holidays when we will hopefully have an impressive line of new designs for you! We plan to stay 100% REAL and make sure that you Get Fresh For Less for a long time to come!

Thank you, Nipsey, for inspiring us all...

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