Legends of Streetwear: FUBU From Rags To Riches

The FUBU story is a story of four young dudes from Queens who took their dream and made it a reality through hard work, getting up at 8 AM every day, and putting in 12-14 hour days. Before long they moved into an office space in the iconic Empire State Building and sales really started to roll like crazy. Their image was one of a superstar R&B group and their clothes looked the part with fresh colors and designs emblazoned with their instantly recognizable logo. They were also living the life of superstars, driving Bentley's & Maybach's and luxury SUV trucks.

The FUBU crew opened up an office the legendary Empire State Building in New York City

Their presence was also felt on TV with FUBU commercials seemingly popping up every 5 minutes. Ironically the ad that arguably started it all was a GAP commercial featuring LL Cool J. Being the smart and clever guy that he is, LL wore a FUBU hat and worked the lyric "For Us By Us" into his GAP commercial appearance.

LL Cool J was an early FUBU supporter and model for the brand

FUBU very quickly started to grow exponentially and clocked in with $350 million in sales during their peak year and surpassing $1 billion in total during their reign. And their success was recognized outside of their realm with the FUBU boys having lunch with then-President Bill Clinton, getting a shout out from Nelson Mandela and even getting their likenesses in the International Wax Museum. Truly a testament to their impact and talents. Legends.

FUBU is a true rags to riches story


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