Hip Hop Fashion 101: What Are Bally Sneakers?

Today we are taking a look at the Bally sneaker's past, it's present and the legendary rappers who are the unofficial ambassadors of the brand. Back in 1985, Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh created their legendary anthem, La Di Da Di, containing their endorsement of Bally shoes. The memorable line, "Fresh dressed like a million bucks. Threw on the Bally shoes and the fly green socks", sparked new and long-lasting interest in the Bally brand amongst the hip-hop community.

Bally's were either hard to find or too expensive for most people, which added to their appeal, but it was their sturdiness which made them a popular choice. The models made for sport were equally suited for the rigors of walking the streets of the Bronx or busting a phat move at a B-Boy competition. The three primary models used for these purposes were, "The Competition", "The Vita-Parcours", and "The Galaxy".

The dedication towards the brand displayed by Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh in their music video "All The Way To Heaven" is evident. In the video we see the Bally Competition take on another legendary hip-hop sneaker in a classic western showdown. Of course, the Bally Competition takes out the "competition" in this highly biased video!

 Where can I buy these Bally sneakers today and how much do they cost? You can pick up any of these models for between $395 - $475 from bally.com

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  • Darrylwilliams

    I’ve been wearing Bally since the 80s I like those in the eight and a half

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