I'm Only 19, But My Mind Is Old | Quality Mobb Deep Hennessy Jersey Made 4 You

You Can Feel The Realness

A legion of fans - new and old - are getting back into the look, and style of the mid-90s. New fans look at these artists and they love the “realness” that they see, from the attitudes to the fashion, while more mature fans love the nostalgic feelings it stirs up. One of the staples of hip-hop style in the 90s was definitely the sports jersey. They could be basketball, football or hockey jerseys - all that mattered was that they were dope looking. Some of the best jerseys - and most memorable jerseys - were the ones that were specially made for the artist or an event. The infamous “Hennessy jerseys” made for Prodigy and Havoc fall into that category.

1995 Is Real Again

These specially made jerseys have been recreated with the highest quality materials and skilled craftsmanship just for you. Its color is vibrant and gives off a strong visual appeal. It has an urban look which is authentically vintage, yet sporty and modern. Whether you rock it with some jeans or with sweatpants, the outfit can be either casual or sporty. Wear it to the gym or rock it on the street. The choice is yours.

The 90s are back according to many in the rap industry with many artists experiencing massive demand for their music. Whether it’s for live shows around the world or for new albums that bring back the feeling and vibes of their 90s material. And when it comes to that decade, few songs represent it better than Mobb Deep’s “Shook One Pt II”. Released in 1995, in the midst of a major East Coast wave. When classic releases from Wu-Tang, Nas, Biggie Smalls and of course Mobb Deep were dropping every month.

Now You Can Be Real Too

This jersey not only encapsulates a time, but brings that vibe into a new era, and it fits right in. It’s comfortable and durable and shockingly affordable. It’s highly versatile, and you can wear it with jeans or sweatpants, making it one of your go-to clothing items. Check one out for yourself and you’ll probably be back for more jerseys soon.

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